Volleyball: Bump


When the ball is played on a player's outstretched forearms. This move is used when the ball is either traveling very low or moving very fast.
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The bump is the most basic and most essential skill in volleyball. The bump is used to hit a ball that is below the head, and is typically used as the first touch to receive a serve or return.

Allow the ball to bounce off of your forearms. If you need to give the ball more of a boost, push a little with your legs. Do not swing your arms the ball might hit the ceiling. Aim for the ball to go high and about two feet from the net for the setter to set up a hit. If you are aiming for the ball to go over the net, aim high and for a spot on the other side of the net. You can bump the ball from any area on the court.

Von Ruden, Alyssa Hour: 2 Odd