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Night Hoops by:Carl Deuker

> Carl Deuker was born August 26, 1950

> Deuker was born in San Francisco

> He was raised in Redwood City, California

> Carl Deuker attended the University of California

> Carl played basketball and taught volleyball for many years

> He was forced to stop playing both games because of an ankles injury

Paragraph Of The Book

The conflict in the book is that Trent started to missing practice and school and disappeared with his older brother Zack. With the stats chip being a coulpe days ahead, Zack killed someone with Trent with him. Trent was involved with the police, Trent have not done nothing. Trent have to choose if he going to tell on his older brother or lie to the police, The state chip game goig on as the police have Trent. they find out Trent was cleaned and had nothing to do with the killing and let him go. Because of Trent not being there Nick played point guard in the state championship game. Zack was caught ,Trent showed up at the game. Before all this Trent and Nick was unstoppable on the court together, they take there team to the state championship. Nick played states with out Trent. At the end of the book they both walked out the gym tougher .
Book Trailer Night Hoops