Independent Study

Learning how to advance my knowledge on SLR cameras

By: Rebekah Penton

Independent study

For my Independent Study I chose to focus on the different parts and features on a Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera. I want to learn more about this because in my future I would like to study photography and maybe pursue it as a career. For this study I worked on learning about the different dials on this camera and how they work. These skills are very important to have in my future so I can be knowledgable about different cameras.

Sports Feature

On the EOS rebel T3i there is a sports feature on the camera dial. This feature allows all color, sharpness, and contrast to be standard throughout the whole picture. In the picture above I am showing how using this feature can improve a photo. On both sides of this picture Brooke is doing normal jumping jacks. On the left side the camera is in manual mode but on the right the camera in the sports feature.


On the photo above of Kristen I used the portrait option on the dial. When you use the portrait option the exposure mode produce soft backgrounds and flattering skin tones. Both of these pictures are the same but on the bottom I used photo shop to make it black and white.