Why to Start Composting

By Zoey Holt, Lily Wang, and Jessie Cantero

Product of Composting

The product of composting is a natural fertilizer in which you can plant vegetables, fruits, etc. for no cost and it keeps less trash from going into landfills.

Decomposers Jobs/ Examples;

The decomposers are a vital part of the composting process. They help break down the soil nutrients. Examples of some decomposers are worms, fungus, bacteria, etc.


The benefits of having a composting bin is that it'll keep food scraps out of landfills, because we only have a limited amount of space for trash. It also helps reduce the amount of methane and leachate made. Lastly, the compost soil has nutrients in it which means you can plant for free!

Three Fun Facts;

  • The reason we don't use any meat and milk products in composting is because it attracts unwanted bugs and animals into the bin
  • It's good to separate your layers with leaves!
  • Composting creates a closed food cycle