Diary of a Whimpy Kid:Rodrick Rules

Book Report

By:Piper Shori #21 block 2


The protagonist of the story is Greg Heffly he is a 13 year old boy. He has brown hair and eyes.Greg is in middle school and his best friend is Rowley Jefferson. Rodrick Heffley is Greg's big brother. Rodrick is the antagonist of the story. Rodrick has black hair and he is in a band. The supporting character is Susan Heffly . She is Greg and Rodrick's mom. She has amber colored hair and blue eye's she also wheres glasses.



The theme of the story is that Greg and his brother Rodrick do not get along sometimes,but sometimes they do get along.


The setting of the story takes place at Greg's house and at school.Their schools name is called WestMore Middle School.


The conflict of the story was Man vs. Man.


The plot of the story is that Greg and his brother don't get along. The reason they do not get along is because Rodrick always picks on Greg. When they both get in trouble there not allowed to go on a vacation with there parents. While there parents are gone Rodrick and Greg have a party. after the party is over they both go strait to sleep. The next morning they both wake up to a voicemail that there parents would be coming home in an hour. Working together to clean up the house brought them together.


I liked this book Diary os a Whimpy Kid because it was a really good book. I would love to read the whole series.