Voice Thread Assignment

Adam Bede

During the Great Depression thousands lost their jobs and became very poor. This picture shows men lining up in front of a store that is giving food to the unemployed. Since many could'nt afford food, they would go to places like this so that they would be able to feed themselves and their families with the very small amount of food they got.

The Dust Bowl was a major struggle that left thousands of people without homes and also killed many. This picture shows how massive the storm was and how much damage it could do. This changes people's attitudes by making them more depressed because they had just lost everything they worked for.

This picture of migrant workers show that the people moving around to find work had nothing. They started out with very little and since the economy was so bad, it was very hard for them to find work. This made it hard for people to be able to earn enough money to have their own home.

Mental retardation was a huge issue during the Great Depression. This picture shows a mom leaving her mentally retarded kid at home because she knows that he isn't capable of working. mentally retarded adults during the Great Depression had a very hard time because it was harder for them to find work.

The last picture is a chart of the big Wall Street crash in 1929 which is what ruined the economy. This is the cause of the Great Depression which left many people homeless and trying to survive.