cupcakes are a yummy dessert!

when exactly to eat cupcakes

when do you exactly eat cupcakes?right!after you eat your food with juicy meat.cupcakes are a great dessert after your juicy meat.people eat cupcakes on christmas and thats when people really like cupcakes.I like to eat my cupcakes on christmas and other people do too.

why do cupcakes taste so good?

I think cupcakes taste good cause they have frosting on them and people put pretty sprinkles on when you say delicious, the meaning is cupcakes cause cupcakes are called delicious.YUM YUM!

I made cupcakes once.

I have made cupcakes once, and they tasted really good.they were baked in the oven, and my grandma put white frosting on them.Then she put christmassy blue sprinkles on top, and it tasted YUM!