All About Me Project

Aubrey Thompson


Name- Aubrey Thompson

Age- 14 (birthdays on march 21

Hometown- Irvine, California

Heritage- German & Portuguese & English

Culture- American

Favorite Food- chinese food

Favorite Place in the World- Ireland & Australia

Favorite Quote- "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life, IT GOES ON" -Robert Frost

Pet Peeve- when people chew with their mouth open and when they smack their gum

Why I wanted to be part of this academy

I wanted to be part of this academy because I want to be an event planner. I knew that if I chose to be apart of this program I could go down the hospitality path and eventually learn how to run my own business and see what it's like. I really think this academy will show me how to be more responsible. Also what it will be like in the business world.
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