the leader of the Bucks?

Can Greg Monroe be the leader of the Bucks?

Can Greg Monroe be the leader of the Bucks?

The Detroit Pistons drafted the 6-11 Greg Monroe with their 7th

Overall pick in 2010. He delivered some very solid seasons with them,

With career averages of 14ppg and 9rpg adding 2 dimes from the paint

For them also. Even though the team itself was just 145-249 (.368) in

That 5 year time span.

The Bucks have had many years with a long history of failure. 15 Ws in

2013 and 31 in 2011 were some of the more recent disasters for the

Bucks. But, the owners have been very aggressive and have shown some

Very sharp skills in trying to build a winning atmosphere in


Head Coach Jason Kidd has been very good behind the bench. And I don't

Think that it will take him long to get this team back into the 46+

Win column, like they were, when they were in their heyday of the 80s.

They keep just getting more pieces for Kidd, which is a good thing.

Milwaukee had a terrible offensive in 2014, but, they did have some

Players and a little something that resembled something good coming


Monroe is a means of getting points, playing defense in the middle

With a big body. He is a great utility guy who can play both the 4 and

The 5. Which will ease the burden on the Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Question is, can Monroe be that guy to get them heading into the

Championship direction, is he the missing piece? Do you believe he can

Get the team over the hump?

Jabari Parker hasn't proven he is a leadership player yet, he's only

Got a handful of games behind him. MCW has been a nice work in

Progress and has shown signs of being capable of being a 10apg guy.

They should be a top 6 team in the East, without question. They first

Need to build for their conference, bottom line. Keep in mind, the

East isn't as weak as it had been for years, anymore.

Now, what Monroe brings to the Bucks is a toughness. A very solid

Inside scoring threat, he's a guy capable of dropping 20 and 12 and

Hitting 50% of his shots for them. Having someone to could get a shot

Off on their own was a huge problem for the Bucks. After trading PG

Brandon Knight to Phoenix, they lacked that guy who could get his own

Shots up. He is truly is Milwaukee’s only low post guy who can get his

Own shot off on a consistent basis. He brings with him, low post

Savvy, and smooth shot.

Monroe always gives his everything, always giving a solid effort and

Is very strong on the defensive glass, with a career avg of 6 and 6.9

In 2014. It's also a thought they should end up playing Monroe at the

Center spot more frequently, with the "Greek Freak" at PF. I would

Like to see Monroe fitting in into a hybrid lineup. Putting SG

Middleton and Antetokounmpo on the wings, and throw in Parker at PF.

That could cause some headaches. Monroe may not be lightening quick,

But he isn’t your typical slow footed big man. He's not hurting the

Bucks by not running the floor in a streak, and with his boxing out,

He can get a break moving down court with a defensive rebound.

He is a good fit for the young Bucks, they had to get a big man who

Can rebound. No question about it, Monroe is a major upgrade in the

Scoring sheet. He also has the ability to be a threat making plays

From the elbow, as they had tried to use Pachulia in the offense last

Season. But then keeping defenses honest, because teams have to

Respect Monroe's ability to score the rock.

The Bucks backcourt has a very good young pass first PG in Michael

Carter-Williams, who has shown he can get the job done. Having a guy

Like that having the ball in hand making the plays work, alongside a

Dead eye shooter like Middleton should be a huge plus for the Bucks.

If they all do what they are supposed to do, there's no reasons they

Shouldn't grab 47-50 wins this year. Currently, they have been playing

Well below what they should be capable of. They need to get themselves

Righted, before the ship sinks. They have a team that could get to the

2nd round of the playoffs. But, they have to continue development of

Their young guys, mostly MCW and Parker.

The Bucks are making all the right moves. I have a feeling this Bucks'

Team should be top 4 in the East next few short years.

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