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Week 4 Term 1 2014

Week 4 already?!

I often say to my class that time flies when you are having fun; four weeks of this term has already flown by and very soon we will be at the half way point of term 1! I hope everyone has settled in with their new classes and the following websites and apps come in handy.

Happy smoring!

A great collection of Maths activities to get those brains ticking...

Thank you to Lucinda who came across this great website and shared it with me this week. Along with Get Smart and Greg Tang Maths, the Maths Starters webpage is another great place to access a great collection of activities that can be used in Maths lessons to engage and stimulate students. Designed to be used on your Interactive Whiteboard, the activities on Maths Starters are great for Stage 2 and 3 students and/or extending Stage 1 students. The Number of the Day activity is a great example of a starting activity for students to switch their brains on and apply a range of strategies and knowledge to answer the questions. At this stage there are 11 different activities to choose from, with more to come in the near future. Checking this one out is a must.

Working Mathematically through investigations..

Engaging students in developing their Working Mathematically skills is a key focus of the new Maths curriculum. Through investigative activities students can achieve such skills and have fun doing it. Enter Maths Warriors. Kind thanks to Laura Chaffey for posting about this on a recent smore, this website impressed me as it provides content targeted at Stages 1-3. The site provides a wealth of resources such as posters, games, worksheets and loop cards but it also has investigation tasks that are printable pdfs for the teacher and student to engage in. There are a wide range of investigation activities to explore and they have been graded by level of difficulty. Students will engage in problem solving and thinking outside the box, and are also required to reason and explain their thought processes. Resources on this website are all free and available to download any time. Have fun browsing!


Thank you to Kimberley for signing us up to the great website Grammaropolis! This website is very engaging for students and explores nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions, prepositions and interjections. The beauty of this website is that the content is quite descriptive and appropriate for Stage 2 and 3 students with enjoyable animations, books, quizzes and games. If you have not already received your username and password off Kimberley, pop over and ask - it is a great way to engage students in learning about grammar.

Great new apps on the HPS iPads!

But wait there's more!

Just this morning I came across another great deal where some apps were free for a short time only. The Reading Island (Full) apps 1, 2 and 3 are normally $10 each and we were lucky enough to get all three for free. Now that they have all downloaded it is easy to see why they are $10 - they are great! The apps take students on an adventure through the island where reading, spelling, comprehension, writing and grammar concepts are taught in detail with clear examples, animations and follow up activities. Students can choose what activity they would like to complete and once completed can explore the details of the island further. There are assessments built into the apps and each app (1, 2 and 3) continue on from each other. I am really excited about these apps - they are appropriate for Early Stage 1 - to Stage 2 students and can also support Stage 3 students needing assistance.

Find these beauties in the Literacy 5 folder.

Have a great fortnight!

Alison Miller

Hillsborough Public School