Singing with the Global Church

Ecumenical Evening with composer, John Bell

Join us for prayer and song!

For centuries, the west dominated the song of the church. Our expectation has been that developing nations should use our hymns, albeit translated into local languages. But in recent years, the song of the churches in Africa, Asia and Latin America reveal not only attractive music that westerners can sing, but also texts that alert us to dimensions of scripture, belief and spirituality which can contribute to our growing in faith as the universal body of Christ. During this evening, we sample some such sources.

Location: St. Camillus, a Multicultural Catholic Community - Main Church

Tuesday, April 1st, 7:30-9:30pm

1600 St Camillus Dr

Silver Spring, MD

This is a free event! We will accept donations to the St. Camillus Food Pantry.

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Co-Sponsored by St. Camillus Parish and

the D.C. Chapter of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians