Brandi Hanson-Skinner

Transaction Coordinator


My top priority as a transaction coordinator is to help real estate agents manage their time more effectively. After a contract is executed, I take over by making sure that the client I help represent is apprised of all important dates that affect them. I also make sure that all important paperwork is executed in a timely fashion and keep an up-to-date file that is ready and available for the agent to take with them to closing. I work closely with title companies, other agents, and clients to efficiently coordinate each transaction. Communication is is a key part of my service so I keep a very flexible schedule which helps to maximize an agents time so that they can do what they do best: work on client relations and generate more business!

Work Smarter...Not Harder...

Transaction Coordinator Services Include:

*Coordinate transactions for buyers/sellers*

*Maintain schedule of contract deadlines with involved parties*

*Work closely with title company, clients, and agents*

*Insure contract paperwork is received by appropriate offices*

*Create amendments and other required forms*

*Work in DOTLOOP*

*Key transfer arrangements*

*Order home warranties*

*Provide helpful reminders to clients throughout the home buying/selling process*

Service Fees:

$50 down-payment

$200 payable at time of closing.

**$50 (down-payment) is a non-refundable fee for contracts that are past option period. (this is for contracts that DO NOT close but make it past the option period.) I will refund this fee if the contract cancels before that time.**

$17/hr for administrative duties (please contact for details)

$12/hr for mailings.

Contact Information:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have! I also do REAL ESTATE LISTING PHOTOGRAPHY!!