Gilden age

Quentin White

Andrew Carnegie

1) He was born in 1835

2)Andrew WORKED his way up the company ladders

3)he built a steel factories when he was in his thirties

4) he gave away roughly $350 million by the time of death

5) he died in 1919

Thomas Edison

1)Thomas was born in 1847

2)he got married twice and had 3 kids with each wife wow 6 children

3)he was nicknamed "the wizard" because of all of his inventions

4) he made lots of inventions

5)he died oct. 18th 1931

When Strikes hit the nation

1)in July 1887 the Baltimore and Ohio rail roads cut pay of workers,this wasn't the first time

2)in 1886 workers went on strike, demanding shorter work days

3)on May third,