The PACE Place

Spring Newsletter

Spring has sprung!

We've had an incredibly busy couple of months in this new semester. There are important updates included in this edition of The PACE Place, so please mark your calendars with dates that pertain to you. Thank you for your continued support of our rigorous curriculum, commitment to learning, and the leaders we are producing at Hedgcoxe.

SIGS (Summer Institute for Gifted Students) Registration is underway!

Registration Information:

All current PACE students will be able to register online. You must follow the directions in Parent Portal. All directions specific to your child's grade level are listed in these links:

For current 5th graders, go to:

For 1st - 4th graders, go to :

Kindergarten students do not participate in SIGS. The program begins in First Grade.

What's my child doing in PACE?

Welcome to our newly place Kindergarten PACE friends! These new little friends are getting to know the creative process and will soon begin applying what they learn about creative thinking to their products.

First Graders are finishing up our Beatrix Potter unit and will be ending the semester with fun investigations in science, with cool experiments. They'll also be learning and applying the scientific process.

Second Graders are in the middle of a unit entitled If the Shoe Fits. This interesting unit focuses on creativity, literary elements, mathematics. Who knew you could do so much with a shoe?

Third Graders are finishing up their Astronomy Unit and will soon be visited by volunteers from the City of Plano Live Green Sustainability Division to build Solar Powered Cars!

Fourth Graders are deep into our Robotics unit. Students are constructing complicated obstacle courses, where their robot programming will allow their unit to rescue humankind from dangerous environments.

Fifth Graders are having an awesome experience learning the Stock Market Game. They are researching mutual funds, buying and selling stocks, and investigating changes in the market. You might seek investment advice from them, if you trade.

PACE Progress Reports will go out the last week of school.

The final progress report for PACE will be given to students with either their grade level report card or their Portfolio Progress report. If you know you are moving or changing schools before the end of this year, please let me know. Thank you.