Sentence Construction

Simple, Compound, Complex, and Complex Sentences

Simple Sentence

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The man went fishing on the pier.

A simple sentence like the one above contains a subject and a verb.

The subject in the sample sentence is the man. The verb in the sentence is went. A simple sentence is expressed as a single independent clause.

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Text example

¨I was a suprised as anybody.¨ -Tom Brady commenting on the deflate gate.

Complex Sentence

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The man went to the store because he wanted icecream.

First the sentence uses an independent clause then a dependent with no comma.

Because he wanted icecream, the man went to the store.

The sentence above consists of a dependent clause, a comma, then an independent clause.

A complex sentence consists of an independent and dependent clause.

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Text example

The Steelers are coming off of a 23–20 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Oct. 1, while the Chargers last beat the Cleveland Browns 30–27 on Oct. 4.

Compound Sentence

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Rett can play basketball, because he is tall.

Rett is tall; he plays basketball.

Rett is tall; therefore, he plays basketball.


A. IND +, +c.c+ IND


C. IND+;+ C.A. +,+ IND

A compound sentence is a sentence with more than one subject or predicate.

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Text example

But when the credits rolled, the only question was, did he get the job done? -Sports Illustrated.


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As Jonas ate the pudding, his eyes opened wide, and his stomach growled.

His eyes opened wide, as Jonas ate the pudding, and his stomach growled.

His eyes opened wide, and his stomach growled, as Jonas ate the pudding.

A compound complex sentence is a sentence having two or more coordinate independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses.

A compound complex consists of two or more independent clauses and a dependent clause.

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Text Example

In the fourth quarter of the game, 18 seconds were incorrectly run off the clock, and none of the officials fixed the mistake. - Sports Illustrated