Caden Gurwell

5th grade 2013-2014

About Me!!!

What's up? My name's Caden. I'm 10, and I go to Prairie Ridge Elementary. I have a sister named Morgan. A little puppy girl named Chloe(I call her Chlobear). I live with my mom and dad. My favorite color is red. My favorite food are BLT's. I play football, soccer, and golf. I love the Nebraska Cornhuskers. My favorite movie is Grown Ups 2. My favorite songs are A Little Bit Of Everything, Hey Girl, Could it be, Roar, Radioactive, and That's My Kinda Night.

My Family

Hi! My mom's name is Nichole, she is 41. My dad's name is Owen, he is 39. My sister's name is Morgan, she is 14. My puppy Chloe was born on March 6 and is 1 year old. We all adore her. SHE IS SO CUTE!


Two goals for this year are having neater handwriting and getting better grades.