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Why Use Twitter In Your Classroom?

What is Smore?

Smore is a web-based way of organizing your text, photos & videos

Why Use Smore?

It's Quick! It's Easy! It's super fast to find any Smore you create!

(& You can't make a mistake so It makes you look like a SuperStar!)

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Check Out The Smore Website


Student privacy is crucial to Teachers & Administrators

Smore has multiple privacy measures in place to make your account and your flyers private.

You can make your Profile unsearchable by following the steps below regardless if you're Free or Pro.

To make your Profile unsearchable:
1. Click on "You" at the top right corner of the Smore website
2. Click "Edit profile" located under your profile picture
3. Scroll down to "Privacy settings" and check the box next to "Hide your profile from search engines"
4. Click "Update Settings"

You can also make all of your flyers automatically set to "Private" by following the "Profile" directions above.

Want To Learn More About Smore Privacy? Check out this Smore!

To learn more about all of your Privacy options, please visit: https://www.smore.com/ub1ct

S'more Smore - Examples


Bishop Francis Allen - District Review

Religion - Lent

Art Lesson

Math - Data Management


Class Wiki

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a website that allows students to collaborative and edit a website. Ideas can be shared and work like anchor charts and links from class can be posted. Comments can also be posted and ideas shared.

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Why Use A Class Wiki?

A Voice To Those That Don't Speak In Class!

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Post Your Anchor Charts So They May Be Seen At Home!

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Students Post Their Learning & Students Respond With Their Thinking & Questions!

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