TJMS 2012-13 Student Needs

Supplemental & Intensive Interventions

Number of intensive interventions:


Reading - Zoom In

We hired two permanent Title I teachers beginning with the 2012-13 school year. These teachers worked with Heather Gudenkauf and used the Zoom-In reading comprehension program. The Zoom In program focuses on 6 areas of reading comprehension.

Math - Marilyn Burns

Our gen ed math teachers conduct math interventions.

A total of __ students participated in a math intervention.

House 6-1 = Marilyn Burns Fractions A

House 6-2 = Marilyn Burns Multiplication C

House 7-1 = Marilyn Burns Fractions A

House 7-2 = Marilyn Burns Fractions A

House 8-1 = Marilyn Burns Do the Math Now, IXL to determine gaps in understanding

House 8-2 = Marilyn Burns Do the Math Now


We had one student on a writing intervention in 2012-13. Materials used were writing prompts received from Keystone AEA. It was determined that not enough data was obtained to entitle this student in the area of writing.


7 students were placed on behavior interventions during the 2012-13 school year.

Second Chance Reading

We continue to use the Second Chance Reading program with our students who are 1-2 grade levels below grade level. ___ students in grades 6, 7, and 8 participated in this program at some point during the school year. Students take this class in place of social studies. The intent of this program is to fill in the gaps in reading comprehension with our students who are close to proficiency levels.

Classroom supplemental interventions