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Easy ways to transition your body & home to being less toxic


Ok, let me begin by saying that I am by no means a perfectionist! I do my best to "get it right" the first time, but I often miss the mark. So here's my promise to you...every tip, product or system that I recommend, I have personally tried and find it to be the BEST option for me thus far (please send me your suggestions too!). I will continue to try new products and test new ideas knowing that many will fail. I have a few simple criteria for everything I test...

1. It has to be SAFE! I will use the Environmental Working Group's scale and will never recommend a product that ranks higher than a 3 (0-10, 0 being the most safe, 10 the least) or worse than a C (A-F ranking scale) and I will always disclose the ranking and include the EWG link.

2. It has to WORK! Nothing annoys me more than buying a product that claims to be effective and then you use it and it sucks. Trust me, I don't have time to try 6 laundry detergents, but I did, so I hope this will save you the headache :)

3. It has to work with my LIFE! In other words, I am not going to churn my own body butter and organically grow all of the produce my family eats. It has to be readily available, easy to use, and cost effective.

My hope is that that this monthly newsletter will help you navigate through the sometimes complicated topic of how to create a less toxic environment for yourself and your loved ones. I'll focus on one room at a time and give you favorites as well as some no-no's. I hope you find it useful and I welcome your feedback!

So, here we go!

The Heart of the Home...The Kitchen

Shut the front door!

First and foremost, I'm not a fan of speaking despairingly about other people, let alone products. However, sometimes the easiest way to know where your going is knowing where not to go :)

Here are a few examples of brands that get a failing grade from the EWG. If you are unfamiliar with the EWG, I highly recommend checking out their website and downloading their app called "SkinDeep". It's a great resource for learning more about whats inside the products we are all using every day.

Brand Beware

Things that make you go hum....

I always thought that Mrs. Meyers was a safe and effective (not to mention incredibly fragrant) brand. My entire house was FULL of Mrs. Meyers! But now, I don't have a single item in the house. Although not all of the products are "bad", many are, so I find it less confusing to just avoid it all together. I also find it annoying that it markets itself as being "free of harsh chemicals" and yet it uses Sodium Borate, Methylsthiazolinone, and "fragrance". Hum.....

Here's more...

Fun Fact...its also owned and operated by SC Johnson Wax

***TIP...In general, FRAGRANCE is an ingredient that you should avoid. Companies are not required to disclose what makes up a they can use whatever they like. i.e., something can me free of "x" but they can have "x" in the fragrance. So a simple SMALL step would be to continue to buy the brand you love, just choose the "fragrance free" option.

Bradlee Roffers

I'm a wife, a mom and an advocate for human health and safety. I'm committed to learning more about everyday exposure to chemicals and how if affects the health of my family, friends and loved ones.

I'm proud to work for and support Beautycounter. A Benefit Corporation, whose mission is to put safe products in the hands of everyone.

Be Well. Live Well.