The Lightning Theif

By: Eduardo Soto

Story Intro.

Its about a 12 year old boy, named Percy Jackson that relies he does not have a normal life. Hes being framed for stealing Zeus Lightning Bolt. Him and friends have to find it and return it to Zeus before its too late. You will have to read to find out.


The characters in the book are Percy, Annabeth, Luke, Clarisse, Grover, Mr. D and campers. The main character is Percy. His friends Annabeth and Grover. Background characters are Mr. D and campers.


They go around the United States. They usually settle in a place for a few days and then they go to a new state. They started their journey in the middle of the book. On their, they were looking for Zeus Lightning Bolt.


 This book is about this kid named Percy Jackson. His being framed for stealing the lightning bolt. Him and his friends are on a guest to find it to prove them wrong.


 Percy and his friends are traveling to state to state. Looking for clues that could help them find the bolt.While there traveling there finding new enemys (monsters). Their enemys  get harder and harder. One their enemys are Medusa.


The problem is that Percy is being framed for stealing the bolt. His goal is find it and prove them wrong. They go around the world and face monsters. Then they find the bolt and return it back to its rightful owner. Then they figure out that Luke stole the bolt. They celebrate successeful guest.