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Spectacular Google Classroom Updates


I know I sound like a broken record when I say this, but I really admire how much Google takes teacher suggestions into consideration to make our work more efficient. For example, there have been updates to Forms to accept longer responses to short answer questions, and then there was the "Schedule" option in Classroom to post at a later, more convenient time. Now, there have been two major updates to Google Classroom that should make all teachers incredibly happy: the ability to receive notifications when work is turned in and the ability to assign work to only ONE student!

Receive Notifications for Student Work

There have been many times that work has been submitted in Google Classroom and the teacher doesn't know it's there and the student forgets to alert the teacher. But, with the two new Classroom update options, that should no longer be a problem. The two notifications are for when a student submits work late, and the other is when an assignment is resubmitted. In order to ensure these updates are enabled, click on the three horizontal bars in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Then, click on Settings, which is all the way at the bottom. Once on that screen, you will be able to see if the checkbox is checked for you to receive these updates. This will streamline things more, so you're made aware of work submitted the moment it happens instead of at a later time.

Assign Work to ONE Student

Oftentimes when students need to make up an assignment from Classroom, they have to scroll through several different assignments, find the right one to begin working on it, which can be tedious if the assignment is older. Or, maybe you'd just like to offer further independent practice to a select few students in order to grasp the material. So, with the new update, carrying this out these requests is easier than ever. When you're assigning work to a class, there's now a new drop down menu that lists all of the enrolled students in each class. Once clicked, you're able to deselect "All Students" and only choose those you'd like to send it to. This is a wonderful update, but the only downfall I see to this (and it's minor) is that you can't select individual students from more than one class. For example, if you'd like to assign independent practice to a few students from different classes, you have to assign it individually. You aren't able to select multiple classes and then narrow your selections to specific students. Otherwise, I see this as a terrific addition to Classroom.

Have an Idea to Make an Existing Google Product Better?

Each time there's a G Suite for Education update, there's a pretty good chance that a teacher somewhere has suggested it. Teachers like you and me are submitting ideas to Google all the time and making change happen. But, how? Each time you're using a Google product, there's a white question mark in a gray circle in the bottom left hand corner. Simply click that and a pop up box opens for you to submit your idea and even include a screenshot if you prefer. Who knows? Maybe you're the reason I'm explaining another excellent update from the folks in the Google for Education realm!

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