culture and religion


Most people in Fiji are Christian, Methodist and Roman Catholic. Indians are either Hindu or Muslim, and the Chinese citizens are either Christian or Buddhist. Sikhs and Christian Indians are present there as well.

Language, etc.

English is the official language. Fijan and Hindustani are widely spoken though. The people here wear light and casual clothes. Women aren't allowed to wear shorts or pants. Women and men wear the sulu vaka toga which is a medium-to-long wrap around skirt. They eat food without utensils but spoons and forks are becoming more common in urban areas. The Indians there only eat with there right hand.

Country Motto: "As long as we beat the Samoans, we don't care!"

Culture Extras


Fiji is located north of New Zealand. More than 300 islands make up Fiji but people only live on about 110! Fiji is about the same size as Hawaii and New Jersey. The uninhabited islands are either mountainous and surrounded by coral reefs or volcanic. Annual temperatures range from 72-86 degrees.