Keeley Ann O'Leary

Personality Profile

All About Me

*Likes to do sports.

*Likes the outdoors.

*Has a twin sister.


*Likes the Packers.

Extrovert and Introvert

42% extrovert, 58% introvert

Creative, always has new ideas, and my inspiration comes from the inside.

Understanding of environment

42% attached to moral values and feelings and has an emotional relation with the environment.

29% focused on facts and reality, and my decisions are determined by my perception facts.

28% is centered on my thoughts and your actions are determined by my knowledge and my experience.

How I Asset myself

50% inspiration and 49% family.

38% power and 61% sensibility.

62% ideas and 37% relations.

Qualities that characterize my personality now

21% creativity, 21% imagination, 20% management skills, 18% emotional intelligence, and 18% leadership.

I am intellectual and intelligent, I wonder and I inquire before taking any action and setting my values, I am attuned to others and I show a good emotional intelligence, which allows me to give support to people.