Denison Staff News

Week 6, Term 2

Dearest Denison Staff,

I hope that you have had an enjoyable and complete week of educating. I hope also that you are enjoying the cool change in weather.

I would like to thank you for your support of NAPLAN last week. You provided a calm, supportive and organised environment that was felt across the school which allowed our children to concentrate on doing their best. Thank you for your support in serving breakfast to the children this week as well. We have lots of children with beautiful manners.

This week we will be half way through the term. This means that children will be completing a variety of KLA and diagnostic assessments (where appropriate). During this time where we are assessing and beginning to think about our next cycle of teaching and learning for the term it is easy to feel overwhelmed. The feeling is nothing new for educators at this time of year. The key to alleviate stress at this time is to prioritise your actions to successfully complete your work and define a reward for yourself when the jobs have been completed. When things get too much - walk away or take a break and return to the task when appropriate.

Have a grand week!

PS. Join me in congratulating Nikita Vaughan on be accepted in the 'Take the Lead' program this term.

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