Russian and Eurasian Republics

By:Javarin Spurgeon


Methane is a greenhouse gas that is being released into Russian air from it coming out of frozen lakes. You can tell if there is methane gas in a lake if you strike a match and the air around the hole of the lake goes into flames. Some scientists believe that this could make the world’s temperature slowly increase if the keeps going on. Methane gas is just about 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Siberian lakes can release almost 10 times as much methane than the atmosphere today. The land in Siberia is permafrost.
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Almost 23% of the country was contaminated from the explosion in chernobyl. A radioactive cloud was formed after the explosion had happened and this didn’t help the country at all. The first firefighters that went into chernobyl, died a few weeks after the chernobyl because of how much radiation there was. They risked their live for other people’s lives so that they didn’t have to deal with this radiation. Most of the farms are still not able to be eaten from because of the radiation that’s in the ground. Even some of the farms in southern United Kingdom can’t be used because of the radiation. Most of the area around chernobyl is contaminated because of the explosion. Some of the fallout drifted into southern United Kingdom. All materials have a half-time for half of its atoms to decrease and decay.
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Trans-Siberian Railroad

The Trans-Siberian Railroad goes through Russia and Asia. The train goes right around the edge of Lake Baikal. The trains track is a little over 6,000 miles long. There are three two main routes, the one that leads into Russia and the one that leads into Asia. There is a third one but it goes into Asia also, it just goes to a different place. Some materials are taken on the train for safe traveling. Most people in Russia or Asia send items on the train instead of a boa because it is much faster and cheaper. The terrain is being worked in almost everyday so that the train doesn’t have any problems. Russian soldiers and peasants were enlisted to work on the railroad. The biggest challenge of the railroad is the gauge.
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