Containment of communism

Communism in china

This all started with Mao Zedong who was the founder of communism. In 1934 Mao's army of 100000 troops marched 6000 miles and this was called the long march. Although Mao did loose 93000 of his men , on the way he gained many supporters of peasant farmers he met on the way. Then on 1958 the Great Leap Forward was when Mao got farmers to work in factories and produce steel. When this happened there was a shortage of farmers to feed the large population of china. A lot of people died of starvation and drought. Mao's Great Leap Forward failed. In 1966 Mao brought change in China through communism this was called the cultural revolution. Mao banned religion and self expression , he wanted them to focus on communist ideals and government. If people disobeyed they were punished or killed. During the cultural revolution Mao also took over high school students to form a red army. The event that took place in Tiananmen Square was when people were protesting to stop communism and a lot of Mao's communist army came and attacked and killed those people there. All these events helped China become communist like it is today.

Korean War

The Korean War started in June 25 , 1950 when general chai ung chai's army invaded South Korea because he wanted all of Korea under communist rule. But by august of 1950 South Korean and U.S troops were organized under the UN and had all went to the Pusan perimeter. On October 1950 Chinese army help North Koreans and attacked UN forces. In June 1951 massive fights took place around the 38th parallel. On 1952 U.S air strikes nearly destroyed Pyongyang. An agreement was signed on july 27 , 1953. After 3 years of fightting a armistice was declared in 1953. To this day North korea is a communist country while south korea is a democracy. The two countries are divided at the 38th parallel. This war was nicknamed the seasaw war beacuse when one side took over land the other side took over the land again. This is why neither sides gianed much land! The envolvment of the united states was beacuse of a theory at the time , the domino theory. It was believed that if one nation fell to communism other nation around it would follow just like dominos. So did containment of communism work? No beacuase even if south korea didnt become communist the north did.

Vietnam war

The war started when vietnamese attacked U.S navy ships in the golf of tonkin. So after this troops were sent to veitnam in 1965. North vietnamese troops started using the ho chi minh trail. It was a path throught jungle that passes laos and combodia but connected north veitnam with the south. In 1968 communist luanched the tet offensive. I didnt really work to its goal but it reduced americans publics support in the war. After that president nixon began to withdraw U.S troops from veitnam. South veitnam then surrendered and the war ended in 1975. Then in 1976 north veitnam united north and south veitnam to form a communist country. To this day veitnam reamians communist. The gulf of tonkin incident is the reason for U.S envolvment. The domino theory also played a role in this war. So did containment of communism work? No we lost the vietnam war and the south and north became one communist country.
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Did containment of communism work?

So the big question is didncontainment of communism work? In my opinion it didnt work. All veitnam became communist. In thw veitnam article is sais " In 1976 north veitnam united both north and south to form a socialist republic of veitnam. " Plus I know south korea didnt but containment of communism still didnt work beacuase north Korea is still communist. The domino theory also said " It was believed that if one nation fell into communism , then other nations around would to. " I think the domino theory kinda worked beacuase now china , north korea , veitnam , and cambodia are all communist today and there all nations around each other. They even border each other! Communism even got to cuba! So comtainment of communism did not work.
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