HR on Call

Why cant you get HR at your doorstep when everything else?

Why should you outsource HR?

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) occupy a pivotal position in growth strategy of any country. SME, in India contribute around 12% to GDP, 45% to Industrial production, 40% of exports and 15% of employment.

However, have you ever wondered why only a minuscule percentage of small & medium enterprises make it to really big business house? Some vanish, some succeed, and some carry on dragging the entire burden though their life-time, feeling over-worked and unrewarded. What SMEs need is expanding their business thru various stages, faster and smoother growth, identify path between current stage and goal. This needs systematic approach. Rather than focusing on pain areas, identify areas that consume time, energy & roadblock to focus on business. However, these areas can be covered by appointing a dedicated service partners for shorter period of time who can manage them on your behalf leaving them free as a visionary of their business.

What is required is an holistic approach wherein all the Business decision makers know what to expect from their service providers, where the work is outsourced & to make it cost effective.

There are multiple approches that will be given by your vendors but widely look for following model that gives systematic flow of process & result orinented approch when you negotiate with your vendor