All about Hermit crabs

Everything I know about hermit crabs

Where Hermit crabs live

Now, I don't know THAT much about aquatic hermit crabs, but I know TONS about land hermit crabs. Of course, you have probably figured out that land hermit crabs live on land, and aquatic hermit crabs live in water, but, here's some more facts. Aquatic hermit crabs live in salt water, and land hermit crabs USUALLY live on beaches, or in people's homes as pets. If you didn't know that, good, you learned something new. If you already knew that, well, then that was review.

What land hermit crabs breath

Now, we've been over this, I'm not a pro, I don't know THAT much about aquatic hermit crabs. But of course,if they live in water they breath water or the oxygen in the water. But land hermit crabs are different. Land hermit crabs don't breath water of course, and they DO NOT breath air. They breath the humidity in the air. So, anyone who has hermit crabs or is going to purchase one or has any responsibility with a land hermit crab, take this paragraph very seriously. I'm not joking!:( MAKE SURE AND KEEP THE BEDDING VERY MOIST. Because if you don't, YOUR land HERMIT CRAB WILL SUFFOCATE and DIE! That's right! DIE! So be VERY careful!


Thank you for spending (not waisting) your time to read this passage. I would tell you every thing that I know about hermit crabs, but then this page would be more like a book, and I don't think anyone would be able to read it all. But, if you do have any questions please e-mail them to: Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!