Reel History Final

Katie Howard

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Favorite Film

My favorite film is Miracle because it had a good storyline and was real easy to follow. It also was very close to home to me since it involved a sport and it being a family. The film also made it seem calm to me and that it makes you anticipate and want the team to win it all.

Biggest Impression

The Civil Rights Movement films made the biggest impression on me because I've never reall seen any films about it and that really showed what went on back then. Malcolm X and Mississippi Burning changed my perspective about Civil Rights. The films were filled with detail and information.
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Least Favorite Film

United 93 was my least favorite film because it really was about the terrorists and what they did. It was a bore to me and I was ready for the film to be over with. It made my opinion about 9/11, terrorists and people who don't like the USA worse. It was a movie that I would never recommend to people.

Most/Least Interesting

Post 9/11 was the most interesting to me because I was a kid when it happened and never really knew what was going on until I got older. The more I found out from textbooks the better, but to see it in films made it seem more real and something that I didn't have to imagine.

The Cold War unit was the least interesting to me because it was all just super boring and the films never really caught my eye. I found myself dozing off or daydreaming during most of the films.

Modern America

1945-2011 has shaped America by the wars and movements that we've been through that has made us stronger as a whole. The things that changed my way of thinking by all the history and realizing how it really was for my own eyes, instead of trying to picture things from a text book or news.

Opinion of US

My view of the US has been shaped greatly after focusing on these time periods in history by us being so strong as a whole while everything went on, such as the Cold War, Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam, Watergate, and Post 9/11. We've become stronger than ever before as a country and as individuals.

US Position

I feel like the US is in a better position and worse position today than we were in 1945. Blacks are able to vote and not in such bad shape as they were. They're more equal now than they were then. Financially & by the way we're handling wars are worse now. We're so in debt now than we ever were.