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What is Fraud?

Fraud is basically something bad acting like something good. Like downloading some music, but it comes with a virus that messes with your computer's systems. Fraud can include, but is not limited to: Phishing, social engineering, and DDoS attacks.

What Does Fraud Look Like?

Fraud can be recognized by its "Too good to be true"-ed-ness. Usually it involves you winning some great prize for doing something like being the 4000th visitor to that website or something to that nature, and then asks you for your personal information.

How To become a Victim

even though I would strongly recommend that you don't become a victim by installing a firewall and/or virus detector, if you really so desire to become a victim, then all you got to do is download a few sketchy adds for free music, free TV shows, or some other things, and BAM! Your computer will be crashed before you know it. If a you find a form online for a free cruise or phone or some such nonsense, fill out the form, and watch your identity, along with all of your money disappear before your eyes! Its easy!