Heroes Of 9/11/01

Heroes And Their Stories

Remembering That Day

The attacks on the U.S. on 9/11 in New York,The Pentagon,and Shanksville,Pennsylvania is an event that no one will forget.People have made memorials for heroes and the dead.The plane that hit Shanksville was supposedly supposed to go to the White House.EMS and firefighters worked extra.One brave hero who survived the collapse of the World Trade Center saved hundreds.His name is Rossario Terranova.

"Don't jump! We're coming!"

Ross Terranova is a lieutenant in the EMS of the Fire Department of New York City.He was called to the line of duty at the Twin Towers.When he got there,he thought metal parts where falling.But they were human bodies."Don't jump!We're coming!"He said to the people who were jumping.He felt he could not help.Later Ross heard thunder.Or so he thought.Then he look at the South Tower as it began to collapse.He grabbed his friend Jerry Gombo (A firefighter) by the shirt collar and ran behind a white van.With dust blanketing them Ross held his breath,thinking that he was dead.He took a breath and felt a sharp pain in his lungs.He put his shirt over his mouth to help him breath.They got out with their lives.Then,the North Tower made the same thunderous noise.It too was collapsing.Then he yelled to everybody he could."Follow me!"Then he sprinted to the Embassy Suites.The North Tower collapsed.He survived the collapse with Gombo and called his fiancee Kristin right after.He said "I'm going to work overtime."She said take all your time.Later,he said"How lucky am I,i'm wearing a short sleeve uniform,and a helmet.No jacket.No safety boots.No protective clothing.And I survived the collapse of two buildings,and I don't have a scratch on me."

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