Mrs. Jansen's First Grade Class

Weekly Newsletter: May 2, 2016

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Community - Character - Achievement - Impact

"The Keysor community works together to support all learners on their journey as empathetic, creative and critical thinkers who actively impact the world around them."

Welcome to the last month of First Grade!

As we begin our last month together in First Grade, I want to extend an ENORMOUS THANK YOU! to all of our classroom families for making my birthday this past Monday wonderful! The sweet handmade cards, beautiful flowers and "favorites" gifts were perfect! It was a terrific day, enjoyed with our amazing class and I truly thank you all for making it magical. This next decade is off to an incredible start!

We also had a great time visiting the Makerspace last week. The kids always amaze me with their creations and designs that are made. Thank you for your continued donations to our space, to enable for the innovative thinking to take place!

As shared last week, we celebrated our last Leader of the Week for the school year last week, however we will continue to recognize classmates that are doing incredible jobs in class, like our friends Liam and Jake! Great job to the both for demonstrating initiative in caring for our room and taking care of their responsibilities. Both did an amazing job last week!

Special Classes/Weekly Events Schedule:

Monday, May 2nd: B Day - Music with Dr. St. Clair
Tuesday, May 3rd: C Day - Wellness with Mrs. Ehrlich
Wednesday, May 4th: D Day - Library with Mrs. Ems: books are due; Wellness Wednesday for walking, running or riding your bikes to school
Thursday, May 5th: E Day - Art with Mrs. Lang; St. Louis Zoo field trip (packed lunched please); Thank you as well for the additional volunteers! We have plenty!
Friday, May 6th: A Day - P.E. with Coach Widamen; Mrs. Jansen absent for personal day/son's field trip; First Friday Reading beginning at 8:25 in the classroom

Sight Words and Sound Focus

Our sight words this week are: plate, year, noise, under, twisted

As we're completed our work with the 'ed' and 'ing' suffix, this week we will be revisiting plurals, specifically when the root words ends in a 'y' and the y needs to be changed into an 'i' and adding 'es.' Examples of this would be: berry - berries, candy - candies, puppy - puppies.

Also, the children will explore letter sounds, through thinking about letters that make two sounds, such as 'c' and 'g.' Also, there will be some review experiences with the 'r' sound being made by 'ar' and 'or' combinations.

Writing Workshop: Realistic Fiction Story Workshop Continued

More incredible work in story creation by the kids this week. Several are in the publishing process, while other continue to develop their drafts. Each day the children are also experiencing mini-lessons focusing their stories to sequencing of events, adding details and more. As one story ends, another is abounding. Love this time of year!

Time: Telling time to the hour and half hour, with moving to 5 minute increments or more

The kids have done a great job practicing telling time the hour and half hour, so this week our work will move to some small group experiences in telling time to quarter hour and five minute increments. Some kiddos are needing a little bit further support in telling time withe identifying the hour hand first, so further time conversations at home (with pointing out the hands on the clock) would assist in deeper understandings.

Character Study - Clifford

Last but certainly not least, it's time for Clifford! Our favorite red dog will be our character of study this week. Thank you also to the Markee family for their wonderful donation of children's books to add to our collection of character themed baskets! This week's work will provide for the kids to enjoy stories of their character of study and choose their graphic organizer of choice to identify traits the character demonstrates within the story. Great thinking and great understandings being shown by all!