Cultural Dance: Irish

By: Sonia Mendez, Evelyn Romo, Marcelo Rocha, Elizabeth Hdz.



  • During the mid sixteenth century, dances were performed in the great halls of the newly built castles
  • Some of the dances were adapted by the sixteenth century English invaders and brought to the court of Queen Elizabeth

Characteristics of Irish Dancing

  • The dance we displayed is known as Irish step dancing, or riverdancing
  • There are many different forms of step dancing, but the most common is the Munster.
  • This style of dance is primarily done in folk festivals, although the style is beginning to be introduced more widely.

Irish Set Dancing vs Sean-nos Dancing

  • Adapted from French quadrilles
  • Danced in square sets of four people
  • Consists of several "figures"
  • Each part of the set dance is danced to a certain tempo
  • the sets come from parts of Ireland and are named after their place of origin

Sean-nos Dancing

  • Similar, yet distinct from, old-style step dancing
  • A "percussive"