One of a kind business

I can do any job whether with pets, kids, or house work!

Working with Pets

I can pretty much handle any pet that is needed to take care of! I've got 10 pets at my house of 4 different types so I know how to work well with pets. I have trained my dog all of the tricks that she knows including, shake, roll over, pray, speak, etc. I own 3 chinchillas of my own, and take care of them every morning and night.

Working with kids

I have had a lot of experience with kids in the past years. I have 2 younger brothers and a few younger cousins so I have babysat as long as I can remember. I currently babysit a toddler and a baby so I am use to changing diapers, feeding them and putting them to sleep so that wouldn't be a problem. I also work at a kids place so spend a lot of time with kids I don't know, and I volunteer as a leader for a kids youth group.
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House work

I'm not as strong as a lot of guys, but I have played sports my whole life so I am in shape and have pretty good muscle on me & I am able to lift some heavy things. I am hard working no matter what situation, and I don't mind any dirty work. I have mow'd yards before so I can do that if needed. I can work in doors and outdoors.


All you have to do is email me when you'd need me and I'll let you know if I am able to work that day. email at or