Countries for Social Studies


Monterrey Economy

Monterrey has a very developed economy. Monterrey is the capitol city of Nuevo Leon. Also it is the second richest city in Mexico. I love staying here because it is the highest per capita income in the nation. They were ranked best city in Latin America and ranked 3rd for business. It is called the "Pittsburgh of Mexico" for its strong steel industry. Industrialization accelerated through mid 19th century. Monterrey is mistaken for a Americanized city because of its rich culture and history. Monterrey is a major industrial center that has a GPD of 78.5 billion us dollars this is one reason I love this place. Another reason is it is the 63rd richest city in the world. I loved learning about this wonderful economy.

Country 2

Kingston Geogrophy

Hello my name is Jonathan and I'm here in Kingston Jamaica. I'm here to tell you about the geogrophy of this beutiful country. Kingston is located on the southeast coast of a island. I lov it because it is surrounded by the wounderful Blue mountains,Red Hills, Long Mountain and the kingston. The city is alongside Hope River. One reason I don't like to stay here is they experience many earthquakes. It is a tropical climate so it has a wet season and a dry season. It is also in the rain shawdow of the Blue Mountains little to none of the moisture carried by the northeast trade winds falls over kingston. Kingston is on a coastal location, it comes under the influence of the sea, though dense urban developement can negate this effect. Right now Kingston has experienced temperatures as high as 97 degrees and as low as 57.4. I would recommend you guys coming to kingston it is fun and has amazing weather. Thanks for reading

Country 3

Peru History

I'm Jonathan here to talk about the wounderful history of Peru. The history spans back to several millennia extending back through several stages of cultural developement. 15,200 years ago groups of people are believed to have crossed the Bering Strait from Asia and returned as nomads, hunting, gathering food, and vegtibles, and fishing in the sea,rivers and lakes. Also Peru territory was home to the Notre Chico civilization. It was conqured by the Spanish Empire. The nation was independent in 1821 from Spain. Their empire streched 2,500 miles along the Andes. The most famous people were the Incan's they developed a complex tax collection, military posts, and work rules. In the 1500's the Spainards arrived craving gold, and silver. They defeated the Inca and made Peru Spainish. I have enjoyed learning the History of Peru. Thanks for reading!

Country 4


Hello im sorry to say this but this is my last and final journal entry of this year. I will be talkig about the culture of Brazil. First off the culture is dense meaning its alot of information. They have told me that in late 19th and 20th Century Italian, German, Spanish, Ukrainians, Polish, Arab and Japanese imigrants settled in Brazil and played an important role in culture. have learned that the Portugese influence the language, religion and architect styles. The diverse backgrounds have helped boast many celebrations and festivals that have been known as the Brazilian Carnival and Bumba Meu Boi. The reason I've come is because their culture is so rich any journalist or tourist to come here. Most speak a form of Portugese. Many Brazilians follow the Roman Catholic religion but they combine it with African and Native American religions. Thank you for being a good audience for me but I will not try to do this adventure again. I am exhausted! Thank you

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