Save a homeless person from hunger by supplying care packs

What moves you to create social change?

When ever I see a homeless person, I do not see much with them, I mostly see homeless people on the streets of Toronto. One of my moves are to supply care packs. In these particular care packs will include, food and clothing.

Why is your topic important?

My topic is important because, I do not see people giving to the homeless. I just see people walk past them like nothing. I believe in changing this habit and I will be handing out 10 care packs! My topic needs to be spread around this nation, it has occurred to me, that many people do not help out the homeless by handing out food, clothing etc. I will be making that change!

What makes you excited about your SAP?

What makes me excited about my SAP? Well there is many things that excite me about this Social Action Project! One thing for sure is, I will be roaming the streets of Toronto, handing out these care packs that are useful to these unfortunate bunch. I will be excited, I always like completing good deeds.

What is your biggest hope in creating social change?

My biggest hope will be to shed more light on the homeless people. I want to give to the homeless via care packs, setting an example for the youth, maybe one day they will follow me and hand out care packs to the homeless like I have. I will be uploading pictures of me handing care packs to the individuals.

What is your plan moving forward when it comes to implementing further actions?

My plan is to inspire youths all over Brampton and Toronto. I want to show that giving to the less fortunate is a nice thing to do. I think over my plans, I make sure that they are suitable and efficient to help me complete them. I am planning on finishing this all in January.