Annexation Pro or Con

By Tucker Pell

Should we have stayed as a rebulic or become a state.

I think that we should have satyed as a rebublic, cause if we did then we would not have gone to war with Mexico. Then the other half of me says that we shouldn't cause then we would have had this big fight between to give up our slaves or go to war to fight to keep our slaves.

No Annexation

We should have not become a state cause of all the war and we would've stayed at peace with Mexico. We thought as texans if we became a state we were afarid to make Mexico mad. That is why some us said no we are not going to become a state cause I do not want to go to war with Mexico.

Some more resones why we shaould have stayed as a rebublic

When we going to become of a state Mexico grew angry. The only reason why we went to war with Mexico is because Santa Anna lied about something. He said that the border was between the Rio Granda river. But mexico said no. As all of this fighting went on we went to war, but not Texas and mexico it was the U.S. and mexico.