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June 2021

Time to Celebrate!

2020-2021 has been an especially difficult year, and we want to acknowledge our kids' hard work and achievements! We are thrilled to be able to offer an IN-PERSON option for celebrating safely with our supportive community.

Every child is graduating from something...

Meeting a therapy goal!

Trying a new food!

Making a new friend!

Becoming potty-trained!

Moving to a new grade in school!

This year, we are planning a Graduation Celebration Drive-Through Event & Picnic where graduates will receive official recognition (complete with their own personalized medal), participate in an interactive parade/procession, have their graduation photo taken, and receive some sweet treats all from the comfort & safety of their cars. Siblings are welcome too--as always! Families are invited to bring lunches from home and stay for an appropriately-distanced picnic on the lawn either before/after their scheduled procession time. Each of our Local Leaders will have a designated picnic area where families can make connections with other families from the same neighborhood.

Reservations for a "Procession Time" are required in order to avoid traffic jams, but the entire event is meant to be FREE & FUN for families all around Chicagoland. Children can be registered as individual graduates or as part of a clinic's/business's specific Graduating Class--check to see who is participating when you sign up!

(Clinics/Businesses: Visit our sponsorship link here!)

Join in the celebration! "Every child is graduating from something," so let's take the time to feature their accomplishments this past year!

**Mark your Calendars for Monday, 5/31**

5/31: the early registration raffle

Early registration helps us better prepare for the number of graduates to expect. Pedalheads provides bike, swim, and sport programs for kids and is dedicated to increasing confidence and independence in all learners. They are offering members in C.I.T.Y. of Support the chance to win a free week of half-day camp from Pedalheads! (valued at $289) if you register for our Graduation Celebration before the end of the day on Monday, 5/31. Any registrations received by that date will be automatically entered into this raffle!

Don't wait...sign up and reserve your spot! cityofsupport.eventbrite.com

5/31: The corner bakery in arlington heights

If you live near Arlington Heights and don't want to cook this Monday (Memorial Day), 5/31, plan to stop by the Corner Bakery (Rand and Palatine Rd). They are donating 15% of ALL orders (catering, take-out, & dine-in) with the mention of this fundraiser. RSVPs are encouraged even if you're not sure you'll make it. Click on their picture below!

Donations like these help us create relevant and free programs for families with children in therapy...just like our upcoming Graduation Celebration on Sat, June 26th!

**C.I.T.Y. Programs**

Quarterly Virtual Happy Hour-Fri, July 9th

Set aside this hour for you! Everyone is welcome: Moms, Dads, Professionals, Family, Friends! We get together quarterly to unwind at the end of the week and make some connections within our community using this casual format. We use the most recent Collaborative Blog Post to get the conversation going, but then we follow wherever it may lead. An RSVP is required, either on the Facebook Event Page ("interested" or "going") or via email if you're not on social media, and a zoom link is sent out a few hours before the call.

RSVP for our next call on Friday, July 9th at 8:00pm

And mark your calendars for the last 2021 date: Friday, Oct. 8th at 8:00pm

Add your ideas to our new Collaborative Blog Post

The world is re-opening, and families are looking for fun ways to spend their summer days. Our community is especially interested in learning of inclusive and accommodating opportunities available in Chicagoland. Do you have a resource or suggestion to share? Parents, professionals, community members: we would love to hear from you!

Share your ideas on this Google Form, and we will compile applicable responses into our next Collective Blog Post (distributed in early-mid June and featured on our website). Please submit your information by Friday, June 11, 2021.

c.i.t.y. close-ups

Comment on May's C.I.T.Y. Close-Up post in our Facebook Group featuring Bryant by Wednesday night, June 16th at 11:59 pm for YOUR chance to win a photography session in June! A winner will be randomly selected and announced on Thursday, June 17th. We love to celebrate successes with you (whatever they may be!).

Big picture

Meet Bryant (featured in May)

His mom says:

"Bryant is a surviving twin 29 weeker preemie that was in the NICU for 63 days. 20 months later Bryant’s family gave birth to their rainbow baby Charlotte. Bryant has been in therapies since NICU discharge. He started off with PT through EI then after a year was told he was caught up in gross motor skills. A year after Bryant’s family noticed he was only saying 4 words at 20 months old. He qualified for speech therapy and soon after occupational therapy. Soon after that he needed to have physical therapy again. Bryant is currently in school to receive therapy and educational services as well as private PT and SLP. As of two months ago his school PT dropped him to consult which was a big step. He is considered to the school all caught up on his gross motor skills. His fine motor skills are equivalent to a first grader and won’t be surprised if OT is dropped to consult during school therapy re Eval come fall. His speech has made huge gains engaging in back and forth conversations, imaginary play, and improvement in understanding directions especially from the photographer during the session you could see the gains made of where he should stand and turn his body for pictures.

We are so proud of our trooper Bryant and our rainbow baby Charlotte. We haven’t had a family photo session since the arrival of our daughter so this was truly special to us. Thank you C.I.T.Y of Support and Something Blue Photography for this amazing photo session experience."

Big picture

Meet Zander and Jonah (featured in April)

Mom says:

"Zander Rose, our little Zander Salamander. At age 2, Zander only had a few words. At 6, Zander proudly tells us about his favorite countries in the world, his favorite shells in the ocean, and his favorite Pikachu characters. He practices with Google Earth to correctly say different cities and landmarks. He even uses language for very convincing arguments too. We are so proud of our Z man!

Jonah Rose, our little Jonah bear. Jonah has been working so very hard on tongue mobility and speech after his tongue tie/adenoid surgery and overall speech delay. Whether it's making clicking noise with his tongue, holding a button string with his lips tight, or crunching an oyster cracker with roof of his mouth, Jonah has energetically practiced these exercises with his therapists. In the past, Jonah often relied on mom or his big brother to translate. Now his teachers and peers understand more and more! We are so proud of our Jbear!"

End-of-Year Gift Ideas

"Thank you for helping me grow!" "You've helped me blossom this year!"

"Couldn't have picked a better teacher!"

Our DIY "Teacher Appreciation" Creative Card Package is also perfect for end-of-the-year teacher/therapist gifts. Pick up one of our kits while supplies last! Each kit includes 6 blank cards, art supplies, and idea templates. Ordering is easy through our website, and the kits will be shipped/delivered ASAP! (There's also a new pick-up option available if located near Arlington Heights.) A sweet, personal way to celebrate making it through this challenging year!

Accessible Support Collection

C.I.T.Y. of Support is proud to partner with the Arlington Heights Memorial Library in sponsoring an accessible support collection of books and materials that meet the needs of families in our organization. By supporting this program, we are adding to the inclusivity and diversity of our neighborhood, demonstrating the importance of acknowledging and supporting our community of families with children in therapy.

We need your help!! What would you want to see included in this special collection? Books for children, books for parents, adaptive toys/tools, media products, developmental skill kits...what is on your wishlist? Share your suggestions with us on this form.

This collection in Arlington Heights is our pilot site; however, with continued interest and funding, we would love to sponsor other accessibility collections in libraries all across Chicago.

Thank you Birthday Buddies in May!

Parents: Sign your child up to participate in this fun, FREE program, and he/she will receive a handmade birthday card in the mail from another child who receives therapy services. What a fun way to make early social connections and celebrate everyone. Our Google Form is quick, easy, and secure, so take a minute, and register your child today!

Clinics/Schools: Reserve a month for patients/students at your site to participate, and have them help assemble our special DIY birthday cards for anonymous peers! These projects encourage social connections and also address important therapeutic skills. We have a

Sign-Up Genius where you can find all the details and select your month!

**Thank you to CCS Pediatric Therapy & Family Wellness for sponsoring our

May birthdays! The kids at your clinic did such a great job!**

**Important Reminders**


Learn more about the groups that IPT offers by clicking here to visit their website.


Join us for our 2 - to 3 - year-old play group, designed to develop communication, language, and social skills. Waiting, turn-taking, following directions, and transitions are incorporated into preschool activities, like circle time, art, and pretend play. Our Speech-Language Pathologist will incorporate monthly themes to enhance vocabulary development, knowledge of early basic concepts, and pre-literacy skills. Rolling enrollment start date for this ongoing group. For questions or more information, contact Megan Kowalski at MeganKowalski@JCFS.org or call 847.412.4335.

Calling All Actors

Join our Speech-Language Pathologist for a creative, hands-on theater experience. Table readings, script writing, stage cuing, and set design will be incorporated into this 8-week camp. Thespians will be work on fluent oral reading, articulation, story analysis, social cues, and writing. At the end, our all camp-inspired, written, and produced play will be shared with families. Geared for children 7-10 years old but adaptable based on interest. For questions or more information, contact Megan Kowalski at MeganKowalski@JCFS.org or call 847.412.4335.

C.I.T.Y. of Support

Our mission is to create a dynamic community, both online and in person, that supports all families navigating the needs of their child in therapy, regardless of diagnosis.