Vocabulary Rich Classroom

A#1 Article Summary


refers to the knowledge of words and words meaning

Role of Teacher in Vocabulary Rich Classroom

1. Modeling, Repetition and Usage

2. Allowing Meaningful Practice

3. Become Word Conscious: Don't dumb down your vocabulary

Role of Vocabulary Learning

1. Critical factor in the development of reading skills.

2. One of the best predictions of comprehension, reading performance, decoding skill and school achievement.

Vocabulary Instruction Should Be/Include

1. robust-vigorous, strong and powerful in effect

2. Multiple exposures to a word, teach definitions and contexts and engage students in deep processing.

4 Types of Vocabulary

1. Print- words we understand when we read or write

2. Oral- words we understand communicating orally

3. Receptive- words we understand when we listen or read

4. Productive- words we use during speaking or writing

Word Knowledge or Words Known


3rd Grader- 8,000 words

High School Student- 25,000-50,000

Students learn on average 3,000-4,000 new words a year