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Summer Home and Cottage Season

August has come and so has the fabulous summer weather. With warm temperatures like these everyone is flocking to their summer homes and cottages for the weekend or even the whole week.

If you are leaving your full time home for even the weekend, you should make sure that you have a leak stop detector installed. It only takes a few minutes for a burst pipe or cracked tank to destroy a home and raise your water bill. If you have a filtration system installed (Ultra Violet Sterilizers and Self Back washing Filters) you can unplug the power so as to prolong the life of the bulb and ballasts. If you have any questions about your current system and what is required please call the office and speak with Claudia or Wilf.

Now that your home is looked after and you have arrived at the cottage it is time to consider the water there. Hauling in large bottles of water is not only tiresome and costly, but not good for the environment. If your water source is a well, make sure to have the water tested, because on many small islands, heavy metals such as iron and arsenic are very common, and can be harmful to not only drink, but also bath in. There are many simple and low power consumption methods available to purify the water in your cottage, or even RV! Stop by the showroom or give us a call to discuss options.

We Love Referrals!

Refer a new client to us and we will give you 1 hour free labour on your next general service! Make sure you or your friend mentions to us who sent them though :)
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