Intermediate SAGE

Grade 3

Units of Study

Spring is here, and exciting things are going on as our students continue their learning and expand their knowledge and skill sets! Read on to learn more about each unit and the progress we have made in recent weeks!


Third graders have been busy this quarter finishing their research, organizing their notes, writing their scripts, planning their virtual set backgrounds, and creating props for their Research Road Trip packages. Those who have finished these steps are hard at work rehearsing and some have even filmed their shows! The students have been so excited to use their creative energy, ideas, and abilities to develop their projects these past few weeks!

The Broadcasting OPEN HOUSE will be held on Wednesday, May 15. Broadcasting students and their families are invited to visit anytime between 4:30 and 5:30 PM!

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Young Architect Studio

During 3rd quarter, students became comfortable with basic 3D modeling using a program called SketchUp. As students worked to design a simple house, they gained exposure to 3D modeling tools, learned how to create 3D shapes, and added building elements such as a door, windows, and a roof. They applied their digital skills to a model for “Shipping Container Architecture” using steel intermodal shipping containers as the main structural element. Then students investigated “Tiny House Architecture” and designed their own tiny houses under 500 square feet in both digital form and a 3D model.

The Young Architect Studio SHOWCASE will be held on Thursday, May 9. Architecture students and their families are invited to visit anytime between 5:00 and 6:30 PM!

Kids in the Kitchen - the Chemistry of Food

Students have been very busy this quarter! We started the quarter with a diffusion lab using Skittles. After this, students formed lab teams where they have been writing and creating their own scientific cooking shows. Each group has designed a new food and recipe, researched the science behind their topic, and worked on creating a script. Because the students chose marshmallow popsicle, edible snow, astronaut ice cream and dehydrated fruit treats , we have conducted labs with three of these food items so far. This was amazing, because the students were able to share some of their learning with the other students in the class when we discussed the scientific principles.

We will have our showcase, where the student videos will be featured, on May 9th from 5:00-6:30 in the science area of the NIC.

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3-D Printing

3D printing is busy creating products for the Feed and Supply store to help with marketing. Students have been learning to use more complex tools and ideas to create their projects. The proprietor will be over soon to give us constructive feedback about our projects. We have also been editing our books for UOS showcase. They can’t wait to share their projects with you.

Power It Up!

We continued our work this quarter with various ways to power things up. The students have

· used their creativity and understanding of input and output modules to create a TechnoJungle creature using everyday materials and littleBits modules

· sketched a design for an e-circuitry cuff and planned how the conductive thread –“the wiring”-would connect to the Lilypad LEDs and the battery pack

· stitched their e-circuitry cuff components and added the embellishments to “Power It Up!”

· used an iPad to add to their digital portfolio

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Aviation class has continued to research and conduct experiment about flight. A test pilot from the FAA talked to us about all the different airplanes, helicopters, and blimps that he has flown. Students have begun flying our class drones and will practice skills to control the drones to do specific tasks.

The Aviation OPEN HOUSE will be held on Thursday, May 9. Aviation students and their families are invited to visit anytime between 4:30 and 6:00 PM.

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How to Train Your Robot

In this last quarter, the students designed their own program. This was the second design challenge where students came up with their own mission and had to figure out how the robot could provide a solution to that problem. After identifying a problem that the robot could solve or an action it could take, they then wrote a program to test it out. We had some failure and the students learned that sometimes our first attempt is never successful, but it is important to keep trying. They also learned that there is another set of special barcodes we can use with Edison. These barcodes allow Edison to react to button-press commands from your TV/DVD remote control. Using the remote control, students were able to drive Edison around like a remote-controlled car!

The How to Train Your Robot OPEN HOUSE will be held on Wednesday, May 15. How to Train Your Robot students and their families are invited to visit anytime between 4:30 and 5:30 PM!

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This semester, 3rd graders have learned to follow and to give commands in Spanish that use classroom objects and prepositional phrases. We use a variety of activities that engage the students in problem solving as they work to understand the Spanish phrase and then follow the given command. Students have enjoyed the puzzle and game aspects of these activities. The students may not realize it, but they are moving up the language acquisition ladder by using and responding to phrases and sentences instead of single words.