From the Odyssey

Odysseus the hero... Branden Scott

I believe that Odysseus is a true hero because he takes leadership of his crew to find out new things. I think this because in the story it states "while I and my crew take ship and try and find out who these men are..."

"I formed a courageous plan to steal up to him, draw my sharp sword, and feeling for the place where the midriff supports the liver, stab him there." This shows a true hero because he tries to fight the Cyclops by himself to save others.

Third Act of Heroism

"They held the sharpened olivewood stake and thrust it into his eye, while I threw my weight on the end, and twisted it round and round, as a man bores the timbers of a ship with a drill that other twirl lower down with a strap held at both ends, and so keep the drill continuiously moving." This is also an act of heroism because Odysseus creates an amazing plan to save himself and others.
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