Day of Doom

By David Baldacci, Kevin Taylor, Mrs. Skinner Block 4

The Main Characters


The setting in this story all happens in present day America but in different cities. Dan, Amy, Atticus, and Jake start off in New York City in a hotel to have a meeting. Jake and Atticus are Dan and Amy’s very good friends and are a great help in the plan for stopping the Vesper’s. Any way in New York they figured out that the Doomsday Device would have to be triggered in a subduction zone, that Lewis and Clark might have something to do with the subduction zone, and that Isabel Kabra life long enemy of Dan and Amy because she killed their parents was flying to Washington D.C. possibly to look at the Lewis and Clark exhibit at the American History museum. So then Dan, Amy, Atticus, and Jake headed to Washington D.C. When they got there they went straight to the Lewis and Clark exhibit. On the back of a compass they found letters and numbers that had never been solved before. They figured them out. They were coordinates that lead straight to the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington State a big subduction zone perfect for activating the doomsday device. So they got on a train that would take them to Seattle, but in the middle of the ride in a dark tunnel the train lost power. Dan and Amy thought that there was something suspicious about the power going out so they got out of the train. A little ways down there was a door in the side of the tunnel so they went through it. In the hallway they found out that they were in the middle of the Rocky Mountains also a giant subduction zone. After walking a little bit down the hallway they ran into the hostages who had some how escaped so they all kept walking. About a mile down they found a giant room that held the Doomsday Device. Right after they walked in a bunch of Vespers came in and the Cahills had to fight them eventually enough were gone that they could deactivate the Doomsday Device and escape just before the Device exploded. After being unconscious for a while they all woke back up and headed back to Dan and Amy’s house in Attleboro and celebrated their defeat.


Marigold Ring

This is more than just a ring to the Cahills. It is the most prized possession of the Cahill clan. It is irreplaceable, one of a kind. It is also used as a weapon. But the most important reason is that if the Vespers get a hold of it, it is the last piece to complete the Doomsday Device. If it wasn't for this ring the story would have gone a different direction because the Vespers do get a hold of it and can start activating the Doomsday Device. This is one of the most important objects in the story.

Conflict And Plot


There is a big conflict in the story that involves a lot of people. It involves the whole Cahill clan and all the Vespers. Any way the Vespers kidnapped half of the Cahills in the first book of the series and have been using Dan, Amy, Atticus, and Jake as their little servants ever since. The four of them were forced to steal precious ransoms or else the Vespers would kill the Cahill hostages one by one. So in this book the Vespers gathered all the ransoms and created a Doomsday Device that would end the world for eternity. That is why the four of them need to hurry and find the Doomsday Device so they can deactivate it. This is a Man vs. Man conflict that is a main part of the whole series.
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Book Recommendation

I think this is a great book for Tweens that are boys and girls. No matter what your interests are you will love this book. It is very high paced and it doesn't take long until your stuck into the book. I liked this book because it was so good I wanted to read every night. Also I like books that are sneaky and this book is all about being unnoticed or having a secret identity. This book was a great way to cap off the second series of the 39 clues. I think you have to read them in order to understand them though. The 39 clues is one of the best series you will ever read because it has been my favorite and I can't wait to start the third series.