Serenity Field

Nature at work

  • Paying for my own building,and products.
  • Four year collage degree.
  • Need products.
  • Know how to handle money.
  • To be able not to miss work.
  • I would work in my own building and be my own boss.
  • To manage your own money,and be a good owner.


  • The schools I can attend are culinary schools and 4
    year or 2 year colleges.
  • 2 to 4 year of college.
  • Foods,math,language,and etc.

Personal Impression

  • The worst parts of this career is if you miss a
    day of work you loose money.
  • Being your own boss
  • Getting your own money and etc.


  • 20,000 dollars per year/9 dollars an hour.
  • About 8 dollars an hour and about 20,000 a year.
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