Prince Prospero found dead

Red Death

The Red Death has struck again, Prince Prospero and his many guests were found dead in his hillside castle. After many days of isolation, one of Prospero's' guests must have contracted the infection from the village and transferred it to the castle.

Red death is nothing to be messing around with, its highly contagious and very deadly. Symptoms include sharp pains, sudden dizziness, and sweat blood, those who are infected are said to die with in half an hour.

The Hidden Palace

Palace thats Tucked Away

Prince Prospero's palace is tucked a way in the hidden hills of a far away country, for safety and protection from enemies that may want to harm the prince or his villagers. Secluded to keep people away and hopefully all the unwanted disease, plague, attacks, and it forces the villagers to connect with themselves and the people around them.