The Elevator

By: William Sleator

Whats the story about??????

There is a boy named Marvin.

Martin moved with his dad to an apartment. In the apartments it has an elevator, and martin has a fear of elevators. When he was going to school he was going to try the elevators then an old fat lady got in. she kept staring at him. The next day the old lady was there in the elevator waiting for him so Martin ran to the stairs. When he was running he fell and sprained his ankle. For that he had to take the elevator. The next day he got in to the elevator and there was the old lady waiting for him. Then she turned to him and she smiled and said hello Martin the she pressed the stop button.

So whats the conflict?

the conflict in this story is Marvin being scared of elevators, and the old fat lady that keeps staring at him in the little old elevator.

THEME- is facing your fears

how do I know that Marvin acts like that.

So how do I know acts all shy and is like a wimp.

Well Marvin is afraid of the old lady, and way is too afraid to face his fears.

Was the conflict resolved...........

Actually.. NO

what happened was that the author left the end incomplete, and the reader dose not not know what happen to Marvin.