New World!

By: Aman Ali

On 9 of April 2013 Sheikh Muhammad Ali arrived in Canada with his family. Ever since he was married his dream was to provide a much better standard of living for his children. But he was not ready to face the hard challenges(hardships) on the way.

Ali chose to migrate to Canada since Canada is known for it's multiculturalism and it's diversity and is a country which welcomes people of different cultures, religions, and ethenicities in an immigrant friendly way.

Ali relates to Canada because his mother-in-law's cousin: Mian Baag Ali migrated to Canada in June 1968. He did his P.H.D and pursued his career. He arrived in the same year, the federal Dominion of Canada was formed and in the year when Canada was celebrating it's one hundredth birthday.

Ali chose to live in Canada because of many various reasons some of them are: "Because Canada is a very immigrant country, and has one of the best education institutions in the world", he also said "The reason I came to live in Mississauga is: Mississauga is not densely populated than Toronto, and we can enjoy the serenity of nature along with availability of all basic needs in life".

Muhammad thought of coming to Canada while he was in Dubai U.A.E in 2009. He tried to apply the passport for Australia but the waiting list had a lot of people so Ali discussed the idea with his wife and relatives to come to Canada, but he did not think of coming to Mississauga at that time. Later on in 2012 to late 2013 he thought of living in many cities in Canada some of them were: Toronto, Mississauga, Thornville and Brampton. He chose Mississauga because of it's surroundings, people and their culture.

Ali has faced many challenges on the journey but now he lives an healthy and a good life with his family in Mississauga, Canada along with his cousins and relatives. He says"You must be willing to reach the maximum to achieve your goals, dreams and purposes, and in the end you will get something you never thought of".