Triassic Period

Hot and dry climates

Geologic Events/Development of life

Pangaea holds together for much of the Triassic. Hot, dry conditions dominate the center of Pangaea. The age of reptiles begins. The first dinosaurs appear. First mammals, which evolve from warm-blooded reptiles, appear. First turtles and crocodiles appear. Conifers, palmlike trees, and ginkgo trees dominated forests.

What is the climate like in the Triassic Period?

The climate is hot and dry like a dessert.

Dominant Organisms/Environment

At the time, the Therapsids were dominant until they became extinct. Then the Archosaurs became dominant. The environment was like a dessert.

What would you see there?

You would see a lot of reptiles when you visit there. You could also see some mammals, dinosaurs, and insects there. You would see that the environment is a dessert.
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What should you pack to go to the Triassic Period?

You would want to bring tons of water because it would be hot and dry. You would want to bring light clothes with light colors. Also, non-perishable items so they don't get lost or melt. You would want to have a hat, sunglasses, and shoes.

What are the dangers you might face in the Triassic Period?

Some things that you might face is being eaten by reptiles and dinosaurs, heat stroke, starving, the time machine breaking down, and going mad due to stress.

Triassic Period