All about me

Names: Heidi Juedes Nick name: whitie


  • Farming
  • volleyball
  • track and field


I have four people members. I have one older sister named heather, and my mom and dad. I jobs i have are doing all the chores around the farm and the house. I have a lot of animals. I have cats, Dogs, Chickens, Cows. That's all about my family.


My favorite subject is band and choir. These are my favorite class because they are really fun. I am looking forward to not being in trouble and having really good grades for the whole year. I am not looking for being in trouble at all. My clubs i am doing this year is Volleyball, Track and field, band, choir, FFA and a FFA officer.

Favorite thing:

  • color: Blue

  • food: Fruit

  • drink: apple juice

  • movie: 42

  • TV show: My big fat fabulous life.

if I had a wish it would be a farm management business.

I'm Proud of myself

I'm Proud of myself because My grades have went way up and I love to farm and the farm business has went up!.