Simple Machines- Lever

By Devlyn C. And Kevin

What is it?

A lever is a simple machine to redirect the force and make it easier to carry by using the fulcrum as a leverage point to carry some of the weight as well as the pressure you exert on the opposite side of the load. The force you put on the "effort" side takes your input force and amplifies it when in becomes the output force.

How are they useful?

They are useful because they help carry items and make it easier to hold such as a wheel barrow or a teeter totter. You can gain and calculate mechanical advantage by using two equations:



Real life example

If you are pushing on a tetter totter with a force of 10n and the object is 20n, the fulcrum would help balance your weight and multiply it onto the object making it easier to lift so you would only need to exert 10n on that object.